Tilt goes Sub

Intervisio’s video game show Tilt returns to Sub TV-channel in October. The show has new hosts, Ms Sara Chafak and Ms Linda Manuella, who are both social media celebrities. Tilt will also celebrate the 20th anniversary of the show in Fall!

Suomi on suomalainen start

Intervisio’s factual hit series ”Suomi on…” (Finland is…) returns to TV1. Suomi on suomalainen (Finland is Finnish) was the most watched show on all channels on it’s prime time slot (20.00) with ratings of 376 000. This new show tries to show all things in Finnish way of life that may be originally Finnish…

New Tilt

Intervisio’s videogame show Tilt has received a futuristic update last year after nearly two decades on air.

The format sees millennial celebrities challenge each other in virtual reality (VR) games and it is the first TV show to feature VR and mixed reality production techniques in broadcast TV.


Reflect is Intervisio’s new development unit

Intervisio and Mr Juha Ponteva have started a new development unit Reflect. The aim of the new entity is to innovate fresh formats and create concepts for games, apps and virtual experiences. Reflect is a laboratory for new forms of entertainment, breaking the walls between different kinds of audiovisual content.

Reflect is co-managed by Antti Seppänen, CEO of Intervisio, and Juha Ponteva, previously CEO of Finnish production group Moskito and co-founder of production group Nice Entertainment.


Suomi on suomalainen commissioned

Yle has commissioned ”Suomi on suomalainen” (”Finland is Finnish”). The series continues the theme of Intervisio’s succesful factual series ”Finland is Swedish”. The series will be on air in early January 2017 and it will be part of the official centenary of Finland’s independence in 2017.

Kuokkavieras Kataja

Intervisio has struck a deal with Nelonen for ”Kuokkavieras Kataja”. The show is based on a Dutch format ”Here we are…uninvited”. In this realitty-TV show our host Janne Kataja, one of the the biigest stars of Finnish TV, spends 36 hours in a village and the mission is to uncover how hospitable — or not – inhabitants of the community can be. Janne and his cameraman and sound engineer have no money and they have to ask for everything from food to a place to crash. The show will start in September 2016.

Crazy Russian videos for TV5

Discovery Finland has commissioned Intervisio’s comedy show ”Oh Russia, what videos!!”, starring one of the leading Finnish comedy hosts Simo Frangen and another Simo, a newcomer Simo Kurki as his sidekick.

New hosts for Intervisio’s daily food show

Intervisio’s long standing daily food show ”Mitä tänään syötäisiin” has a new cast. Vappu Pimiä is one of the biggest entertainment stars of Finnish TV and she has written couple of cooking books, too. Harri Syrjänen is one of the best known TV chef’s in Finland and he has been the host of Intervisio’s ”Saaristoruokaa”-series. Alex Nurmi continues as the third cook of the show. The 9th season of the show will start on 2.1.2016.


Intervisio has struck a deal with Discovery Finland’s TV6 for the videogame TV-show Tilt.  The show will start in October 2015.


“Suomi on venäläinen” has a strong start

Intervisio’s latest factual series “Suomi on venäläinen” (“Finland is Russian”) started with strong ratings last nigh on TV1. With 432 000 viewers and share of 27% the show was the most watched show in it’s time slot (18.45) on all channel’s.