MTV commissions a new food show

Intervisio’s long-running food show Mitä tänään syötäisiin expands this Spring. Friday episode of the series will be an half an hour show from 1.3.2019. This show will be hosted by Hanna Sumari and the cook of the show is Harri Syrjänen. In each episode they will be joined by a celebrity guest. From Monday to Thursday the daily short-form show will continue to be hosted by Linnea Vihtonen and Alex Nurmi.

Finland is… returns

intervisio’s factual hit series ”Suomi on…” (Finland is…) returns to TV1. Suomi on metsäläinen (“Finland is Lumberjack”) was the most watched show on all channels on it’s prime time slot (21.30) with ratings of 390 000. This new series show’s how Finland and Finnish way of life have been affected by forests from economy to culture and from psychology to food.

Tellervo Koivisto 90 is the most watched show

Former first lady of Finland, Mrs Tellervo Koivisto celebrated her 90th birthday on 2.1.2019. YLE TV1 showed a special program on Mrs Koivisto’s life. In the show, produced by Intervisio, Mr Jari Tervo interviewed Mrs Koivisto about her life. The show was the most watched show on Wednesday night on all channels attracting 756 000 viewers (share 39,4%). The show was also the most tweeted topic in Finland on the same night.

Intervisio’s first radio show for Yle Puhe

Intervisio produce’s a weekly radio show ”Homo Religiosus” for Yle’s talk radio channel Yle Puhe (Tuesdays at 13.00) . Host of the show is Mr Olavi Seppänen. The show examines how religion and religious thinking is hidden into everyday life and for example pop culture. The first episode looks at the religious connections in James Bond movies. The show is also available on Yle Areena.

Suomi on metsäläinen commissioned

Yle has commissioned ”Suomi on metsäläinen” (”Finland is lumberjack’/Finland is Forest Man”). The series continues the theme’s of Intervisio’s succesful ”Finland is…” factual series. This time our host Juhani Seppänen will explore the ways forests have affected Finnish way of life from economy to culture and from food to psychology. The series will be on air in early January 2018 on TV1 and Yle Areena.


Intervisio’s hit format The Wall returns to Kuwait

Kuwait’s biggest TV channel KTV1 will relaunch Intervisio’s hit format The Wall under new name ”The Winning Touch” for Ramadan 2018. The show is a daily live show and it will air for the whole Ramadan season. The first show will be aired on Wednesday the 16th of May. First season of The Wall was produced in Kuwait for Ramadan 2014.



Tilt Esports

Intervisio’s video game show Tilt has received a major revamp. Tilt is now called Tilt Esports and the minimagazine show concentrates on the booming esports scene. The show is hosted by Ms Linda Manuella and it starts on Sub Channel on the 2nd of March.

Kekkonen is a hit

Intervisio’s new documentary series ”Kekkonen” had a strong start on the evening of 26.12. The show had ratings of 700 000 viewers and it was the most watched show of the evening on all channels. 8-episode series tells the life story of Urho Kekkonen, the former president of Finland. Kekkonen is hosted by a famous Finnish writer Jari Tervo. Mr Tervo was also the star of the Finnish version of Have I Got News For You for 19 (!) years.

Tilt optioned for India

Intervisio’s distribution partner Kabo International has struck an Indian option deal for Tilt. Tilt is a unique combination of gameshow, talkshow and online gaming. Tilt was originally launched in 1997 in Finland, the hotspot for global mobile and gaming industries. Now back with a futuristic revamp, this studio entertainment show is shot in mixed reality. Weekly guests compete with the host in a series of classic party games and fresh titles, all within Virtual Reality.

MTS 10th anniversary

Today is the 10th anniversary of Mitä tänään syötäisiin, Intervisio’s daily food show on MTV3. The current hosts of the show are Linnea Vihonen, Harri Syrjänen and Alex Nurmi. Today’s show is the 2200th episode of the series!