Jokerit starts on Cmore

Intervisio has produced a documentary series about one of the most successful ice hockey teams, Jokerit. The whole season will be on Cmore on 5.9.2024, and the series will start on MTV3 10.9.2024.

YLE commissions a spy documentary

YLE has commissioned a documentary series about history of espionage in Finland during the Cold War. The series consists of 10 episodes which revolve spy cases and spies from 50′s to 80′s. The series starts in the beginning of 2024.


Intervisio’s documentary series about the EU’s and Europe’s influence on Finnish way of life is a success on TV1. The first episode of Finland is European aired on 27.12. and the last episode on the 5th of January. The show had an average of 483 000 viewers per episode. 8-epidode series was hosted by a well known journalisti Olavi Seppänen.



Intervisio invests in Take Two Studios and Podzilla Studios

Intervisio becomes a shareholder in two Finnish production companies, Take Two Studios and Podzilla Studios. Take Two Studios was founded in 2021 by Eero Hietala (Chairman, Creative Director) and Lasse Koskinen (CEO) together with Sara Norberg (COO) and it focuses on international drama, documentary and feature film productions. Podzilla Studios is a new production company led by Joonas Hytönen and Suvi Oja-Heiniemi. Podzilla produces non scripted factual and entertainment programming and podcasts. The three companies have formed an alliance of independent Finnish production companies.

C More commissions Jokerit documentary series

Helsingin Jokerit is a legendary Finnish professional ice hockey team. It was founded in 1967 and it has won six league championships as a member of the Finnish SM-liiga. Jokerit played in Russian KHL between 2014-2022 and the ties of the team with Russian oligarchs created controversy. The documentary series tells the whole story of Jokerit following the ups and downs of the team.

Suomi on… returns

Yle has commissioned a new Suomi on… series. Suomi on eurooppalainen (Finland is European) is a documentary series about the European influence on Finnish way of life from culture to economy and from history to politics. The show is hosted by Olavi Seppänen.

Finland from the air

Intervisio produces a documentary for Yle about the aerial photographers who shot millions of pictures of Finnish farms and small towns between 1950’s and 1990’s. Daredevil pilots flew on small planes and their photos tell stories of a long gone world.

Yle commissions Edelfelt-documentary

Yle has commissioned a documentary about the life of Albert Edeldelt (1854-1905), probably the most popular Finnish artist of all time. Edelfelt’s first ever solo exhibition in Paris opens in March in Petit Palais. Edelfelt lived and worked for a long time in Paris, hence the title of the documentary ”Edelfelt in Paris”.


Interivisio’s new documentary series (8×28”) Kylmän sodan Suomi (”Finland during Cold War) is a hit. The series has inflamed a national debate about the era in Finnish history and especially ”the finlandization” ie. Soviet Union’s influence on Finnish politics during the era. The episodes of the series had on average 872 000 viewers with a share of 37,3%.

Karin suomalaiset documentary

Kari Suomalainen (1920-1999) was Finland’s most famous political cartoonist. His cartoons appeared daily in nation’s biggest newspaper Helsingin Sanomat between 1950-1991. Karin suomalaiset is a documentary about Kari’s (as he was known) works and how they reflected the nation during his times.